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John G. Bluck, Science Fiction Author

The Sci-Fi novel, The Ship Finder (for adult readers), and  The Ship Finder: Young Adult Edition, are available in paperback and e-book formats


Friday, April 22 Only. Kindle versions of The Ship Finder are FREE.

The kindle versions (adult and young adult editions) of my sci-fi novel,
"The Ship Finder," are available free for 24 hours only on Friday, April
22, California time.

For the adult edition, visit:
For the young adult edition, see:

My name is John G. Bluck, and I care about science-fiction and science-fact and how they could affect our world's future. I retired from NASA as public affairs officer and spokesman. Because of my position and 30 years of work at the agency I learned a lot about cutting edge technology. I'm very interested in new developments at NASA and other organizations, their people, new discoveries, inventions, science, and engineering. I'm writing books, articles, and stories about these advances. I don't want to report just what's new. I also hope to speculate about how our new knowledge and know-how as well as future inventions may affect our freedoms, our governments, and our societies -- how the new could be good, bad, or somewhere in between.

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John Bluck's Art & Writing


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