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NASA Retiree Compares His Science Fiction with Theories/Facts

Sci-Fi novel’s subjects explored through Internet Links

Livermore, Calif., September 15, 2014 :  Are trips to other dimensions and “nano medicine” that can quickly heal the human body possible as portrayed in science fiction? To address these and other questions, author John G. Bluck searched the Internet for answers, and linked on-line articles to his Web page,

“I dreamed up a lot of the stuff in my recently published sci-fi novel, The Ship Finder: Young Adult Edition,” said Bluck, a retired NASA public information officer. “After its publication I wondered how much was real. So I listed each chapter name on my Web site, picked a subject or two from each chapter, and linked them to articles I had found.”

The resulting page is located at:

“I found that a lot more was realistic in my book than I had expected,” Bluck said. “For example, there are theories about the potential existence of multiple dimensions, and engineers have already created some rudimentary microscopic robots.”

According to the book’s back cover, a “ship finder,” which looks like a silver pocket watch, leads physician Bill Wilson to a wounded extraterrestrial’s ship. The world Wilson enters is bursting with advanced technology, machines and weapons. He learns about medicine that has enabled the people of planet Sunev to become almost immortal. As he learns more about the aliens’ strange society, he begins to question its values and regime. Interplanetary war erupts. Wilson must decide if he should become involved, and if so, which side to join.

Bluck recently revised the original version of his novel to create a young adult edition that is appropriate for readers aged 13 and older. This new version was released in late August. Readers can obtain the latest edition at many on-line booksellers including: (paperback and e-book) --

Barnes and Noble (paperback and e-book) -- (e-book only) -

In addition, the book will soon be released by other major on-line booksellers worldwide.

Bluck retired from NASA in 2008 as a public affairs officer. Previously, he had been Chief of Imaging Technology at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. Before that, he worked at NASA Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, where he produced NASA documentaries.

Earlier, Bluck was a broadcast engineer at WMAL-AM/FM, Washington, D.C. At WMAL-TV (now WJLA-TV) in Washington, he was a news film cameraman who covered local and national stories including Watergate. In 1976 he was named the National Press Photographer Association runner-up cameraman of the year in the Northeast. During the Vietnam War, Bluck was an Army journalist at Ft. Lewis, Wash. He was born in Chicago and grew up in Glen Ellyn, Ill. Today, he resides in Livermore, Calif.

A publication-size image of the book’s cover is available by clicking here.



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