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Links to pictures and Web sites to illustrate and provide background 
about the Sci-Fi novel, The Ship Finder.

Chapter 1, Encounter in the Park (drug resistant bacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa)
Chapter 2, Discoveries at the Hospital (Nanomedicine)

Chapter 3, The Strange Cloaked Ship (Corn can grow five inches on a July day.)
Chapter 4, Lena's Surprise (Telomeres and other things that may extend life.)
Chapter 5, The Deal (Progress being made on understanding how the brain remembers and how scientists can detect memories.)

Chapter 6, Dimension Ship Tour (nano gears and parts)

Chapter 7, The Dayroom (Information about Higgs bosons and other potential dimensions.)

Chapter 8, The History of Richard Raven (Cyborgs.)

Chapter 9, A Secret Sabbatical (Multiple dimensions?)

Chapter 10, The Map (Gold Rush and old gold mining maps.)
Chapter 11, First City, Sunev's Capital (Nanotechnology and tiny gold circuits.)

Chapter 12, Award for Bravery (Medals)
French Medals --

US Medals --

Chapter 13, The Cyborg War (Un settling ideas about future Cyborg wars.)
Chapter 14, On to Battle (Pure fusion beyond current capability. Anti-matter weapons.)

Chapter 15, All About Lena, Number 214723 (Clones.)

Chapter 16, Gold Hunt on Earth (Remote detection of nuclear materials. Gold Rush historic parks, etc.)

Chapter 17, Lena Meets Bill's Friends (Defeating facial recognition systems.)

Chapter 18, Ramon Black, (Telephone voice "scramblers.")

Chapter 19, Lena's Ordeal (Language translation machines.)

Chapter 20, Anticipating Triod (Gold and Electronics, Etc.)
Chapter 21, The Gold of Triod (Metal and Gold Detectors)
Chapter 22, Rachel 214993 (Copying a brain's memories to computer memory; Oahu)

Chapter 23, Oahu and a Girl's Best Friends (Synthetic Diamonds)
Chapter 24, On the Way to Pali Lookout (Electronic Camouflage)

Chapter 25, Lookout Encounter (Pali Lookout)
Chapter 26, The Whole Truth (Truth Serum)
Chapter 27, Chinatown,_Honolulu

Chapter 28, The Meeting (Infidelity)
Chapter 29, Tanya's Tattoo Parlor (Tattoo Removal)
Chapter 30, Maunakea Market
Chapter 31, Precious Cargo (Uses of Gold)
Chapter 32, An Improvised Plan (Pyschology of Killing in War)

Chapter 33, The Water Mission at Emor City (commandos)
Chapter 34, Jungle Fight (Ray guns)

Chapter 35, Death's Smell (Genocide and the use of lime)

Chapter 36, The Psychologist (reactive attachment disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder)

Chapter 37, The Journey Home (tiny, flying robots)
Chapter 38, The Future (Numbered bank accounts)
Epilogue, (Immortality, extended life, rejuvenation)








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