This collection of sixteen short stories and novelettes in several genres by John G. Bluck includes tales about both the past and the future. This volume is the first book in the "Fantastic Tales" series.

     Most of the book's works are science fiction. The cover story is a novelette called "Venus Warning." Astronauts fly to the cloudy planet, Venus, to explore it in heat-resistant spacesuits. What they discover astounds the inhabitants of Earth. This novelette is also available as a stand alone book.

     The reader will also relish stories about an unusual visitor to California during the Gold Rush; World War II; romance in ancient Italy; and treachery in Brasilia. A novella, "The Knight Prowler," (also available as a separate book) is a murder mystery set in the near future in Livermore, California. A Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory engineer working on a Top Secret weapons program is killed. TV cameraman Rick Knight helps his brother, a policeman, to solve this murder.

     If you like short stories and adventure, this book is for you.

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